Sojitz Aerospace imports and supplies personal equipment from around the world to execute special missions, humanitarian support and disaster relief activities and to protect lives of soldiers.

Submarine Escape Immersion Suits

We supply SEIE MK11 submarine escape immersion suits that can be used to escape from a submarine which is in emergency situation and is not able to surface.
These suits enable crew members to reach the surface from approximately 300m underwater, after which they can inflate the raft contained in their waist pouch and wait for help to arrive.
Almost all countries operating submarines use either these suits or suits of the same series, giving their manufacturer a notable share of the global market.

GPS-Guided Parafoil Precision Aerial Delivery (PAD) System

PAD system is used to make precise supply deliveries to predetermined locations by utilizing GPS signals to automatically steer themselves.
PAD is of great assistance when performing humanitarian and post-disaster support activities.

Chemical Agent Detectors

Chemical agent detectors were introduced in Japan following the 1995 Tokyo subway sarin attack to help prevent similar terrorist attacks.
Today, more than 1,000 units are in operation throughout the country.
In addition, after the 2014 eruption of Mount Ontake, chemical detectors were used to detect toxic gases when searching the surrounding area as part of rescue missions.
The ability to immediately detect and warn of the presence of chemical agents is crucial not only to ensuring successful missions but also to safeguarding the lives of squad members.
Accordingly, chemical agent detectors are indispensable in executing the operations.