As a member of the Sojitz Group, we import and sell military-related equipment from the United States and European countries while remaining astutely aware of changes in circumstances surrounding Japan’s national security.
We thereby strive to support the various branches of the Ministry of Defense in carrying out their missions.
To this end, we deal in products ranging from fighter planes, helicopters, and military vessels to engines, specialized equipment, parts, materials, and support equipment.

Fighter Planes

The F-15J boasts a high level of basic performance combined with extensive potential for augmentation.
This fighter plane has been systematically enhanced over the years, and it thus continues to protect Japan’s skies as a central component of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s fleet, even today more than 30 years after its introduction.


We supply fourth-generation AH-64 Apache helicopters.
Characterized by information domination capacity, these helicopters are designed for digital warfare and are equipped with integrated system management and sophisticated automation functions as well as sighting devices, sensors, armament integration features, and battlefield and integrated strike management capabilities.

Landing Craft Air Cushions

Landing Craft Air Cushions are military vessels commonly used by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and the United States Navy to carry vehicles, supplies, and people from transport vessels to shores. Moreover, these vessels have been utilized for countless rescue missions during natural disasters and humanitarian activities both in Japan and in various Asian countries.

Ship-to-Shore Connectors

The Ship-to-Shore Connector (SSC) is the next generation of the Landing Craft Air Cushion, providing various and diverse missions for U.S. Navy and Marine Corps to enhance their capabilities.
The SSC is able to land on more than 80% of the world’s shorelines. Moreover, these crafts meet user requirements for increased payload, availability, reliability, and maintainability.

Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC) to Ship to Shore Connector (SSC)