Sojitz Aerospace is a core company in the Sojitz Group, giving it access to a worldwide network to use in introducing Japanese customers to cutting-edge technologies from around the world.
We deal in a wide and ever-expanding range of fields, handling aircraft, helicopters, ground vehicles; ocean vessels, and unmanned aircraft as well as simulators, engines, ground support equipment, and personal equipment.

Circumstances related to Japan’s national security change on a moment-to-moment basis.
Sojitz Aerospace works to address the new needs this situation creates by providing the appropriate products, technologies, and services.
At the same time, we are focused on creating a new business model that involves supplying superior Japanese product technologies to customers around the world so that we may contribute to Japan’s prosperity in addition to its safety and security.


As a member of the Sojitz Group, we import and sell military-related equipment from the United States and European countries while remaining astutely aware of changes in circumstances surrounding Japan’s national security. We thereby strive to support the various branches of the Ministry of Defense in carrying out their missions.
To this end, we deal in products ranging from fighter planes, helicopters, and military vessels to engines, specialized equipment, parts, materials, and support equipment.


Sojitz Aerospace imports components related to the engines, gear boxes, and other parts of the Landing Craft Air Cushions, Submarines and Destroyer Vessels used by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.


Sojitz Aerospace provides support for the specialty systems employed in the various aircraft, ocean vessels, and ground vehicles utilized by the different branches of the Japan Self-Defense Forces.
To this end, we offer assistance for importing the parts and materials needed for licensed domestic production of systems as well as replacement parts for use by the Japan Self-Defense Forces.


Sojitz Aerospace deals in a wide-range of ground support equipment, including the aircraft arresting systems that are crucial to fighter planes, simulators for assisting squad operation and staff and flight training, and ground testing apparatuses for aircraft-mounted equipment.


Sojitz Aerospace imports and supplies personal equipment from around the world to execute special missions, humanitarian support and disaster relief activities and to protect lives of soldiers.