Sojitz Aerospace offers contract support that takes advantage of its accumulated expertise. The support we provide includes negotiation of conditions (price, payment, currency, foreign exchange, delivery, etc.) as well as risk analysis and countermeasure formulation, legal and inspection services, insurance, and administration-related processing support. Other services include procurement of the raw materials and parts necessary to carry out contracts and coordination for connecting customers with the ideal partners.

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has granted Sojitz Aerospace a comprehensive export license, allowing for smooth acquisition of export permits.
For companies looking to export products outside of Japan, we offer consulting and proxy services based on the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Control Trade Law.

・Contract support (contract drafting, negotiation, and localization; appointment of local lawyers, accountants, and tax accountants; etc.)
・Risk management support (exchange contracts, insurance agreements, credit management, etc.)
・Foreign Exchange and Foreign Control Trade Law compliant import and export management (comprehensive export license; support regarding weapon import permits, U.S. export control, and duty exemption applications; etc.)
・Intellectual property management and protection
・Delivery management support
・Payment processing and collection support