In recent years, the aerospace industry has been growing at a startling pace around the world. The market served by industry extends outside of Japan, encompassing the entire world, which means that new needs are born every minute at some corner of the globe.

With a unique global network, Sojitz Aerospace researches and analyzes markets worldwide to match supply with demand. Moreover, by performing detailed analyses of the needs of each customer and proposing the optimal products, new technologies, and business models for them, we are able to contribute to making their business a reality.

・Domestic and overseas research and market surveys
・Appointment acquisition and meeting arrangement
・Domestic and overseas company matching
・Support for overseas companies commencing operations in Japan
・Support for Japanese companies expanding overseas (export businesses, etc.)
・Creation of joint-development opportunities
・Preparation of sales promotion presentation materials (Japanese- and English-language)
・Formulation and implementation of sales strategies
・Sales channel development using proprietary sales network, sales promotion, business alliances, and technical alliances