Corporate Philosophy Sojitz Aerospace seeks to create value that is in tune with the times in the fields of national defense, aviation, space, and security. We strive to contribute to the peace and the prosperity of society by connecting Japan to the world with a spirit of integrity while always valuing the happiness of our employees.
Code of Conduct
  1. Customers First
    We shall strive to earn even greater levels of trust from customers and business partners to always be a team of professionals that customers choose.
  2. Respect for Individuals and Team Work
    We shall respect the autonomy, creativity, and expertise of individuals and work together in a friendly and considerate manner to reach new heights in our business.
  3. Pioneer Spirit
    We shall adapt flexibly to the changing times and tackle all challenges with a proactive pioneer spirit.
  4. Responsible Corporate Citizen
    We shall act as a corporate citizen that is socially principled and responsible.
  5. Commitment to Prosperity
    We shall contribute to the sound development of the Company with the aim of ensuring that all employees can live in prosperity.
Sojitz Group Statement The Sojitz Group creates value and prosperity by connecting the world with a spirit of integrity.