Sojitz Aerospace deals in a wide-range of ground support equipment, including the aircraft arresting systems that are crucial to fighter planes, simulators for assisting squad operation and staff and flight training, and ground testing apparatuses for aircraft-mounted equipment.


The Patriot systems operated by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force continue to form the backbone of its missile defense system even today, more than 20 years after these systems were first deployed.
The simulators which Sojitz Aerospace provided have been operated for the purposes of providing system program validation, study for tactical operations, , high-fidelity simulation, training, and other functions for supporting the operation of Patriot systems.

Aircraft Arresting Systems

Arresting systems utilize the arresting hooks attached to the tail of aircraft or nets to safely decelerate and stop aircraft when they need to land in short distance in case of runway damages or in emergency landing. In Japan, roughly 100 such systems are in use, playing an indispensable role in ensuring pilot safety and preventing damage to aircraft.
F-22 Arrestment, Aircraft Arresting Systems (AAS)

Engineered Materials Arresting Systems

Engineered materials arresting systems are the beds of crushable concrete built at the end of runways to ensure the safe deceleration and stopping of aircraft should they overrun the runway when landing or aborting takeoff.
These systems thereby help protect passengers and crew while preventing aircraft from sustaining significant damage.
Totally over 110 systems were installed all over the world.
Since first being introduced in 1996, these systems have successfully stopped 100% of aircraft accidently overrunning runways at the airports in which they have been installed.