The formulation of supply chains that are suited to the regional characteristics and taxation regulations of export targets as well as the products to be transported is crucial to global businesses.

Moreover, it is absolutely essential to be able to provide timely responses to an ever more diverse range of customer needs (just-in-time delivery, warehouse management, supply chain management, etc.).
Sojitiz Aerospace addresses customer needs by leveraging the expertise it has acquired throughout its years of experience to offer door-to-door logistic services that encompass transportation, warehousing, customs processing, and import and export management.
These services are ideal for handling large-scale aircraft components, dangerous objects, specialty cargo, and other items requiring special care. We deliver seamless logistics services that utilize an ideal combination of various ground, sea, and air transportation methods.

・Supply chain development
・Customs procedure proxy coordination and transportation company introduction
・Application for handling permits for dangerous substances (gunpowder, poisons, hazardous substances, radioisotopes, high pressure gases, etc.)
・Transportation of large and specialty cargo
・Insurance for ground, sea, and air transport
・Delivery management support