Sojitz Aerospace provides support for the specialty systems employed in the various aircraft, ocean vessels, and ground vehicles utilized by the different branches of the Japan Self-Defense Forces. To this end, we offer assistance for importing the parts and materials needed for licensed domestic production of systems as well as replacement parts for use by the Japan Self-Defense Forces.

PAP104 Mk5

The PAP104 Mk5 is a remotely operated sea mine disposal vehicle loaded into minesweepers that is developed and manufactured by ECA Group of France. Models available range from Mk2 to Mk6, and PAP104 vehicles are used in Europe, by the U.K. Royal Navy and French Navy, for example, as well as in Japan, Singapore, and other Asian countries.

Military Vehicle Runflat Systems

The runflat systems offered by Hutchinson Industries, Inc., are employed by a wide range of military vehicles around the world. In addition to the Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicles, Palletized Load Systems, and NBC reconnaissance vehicles of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, these runflat systems are employed by military vehicles in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, and Finland. Hutchinson boasts a 90% share of the global market for military applications and delivers products with world-leading performance compatible with standards of Finabel, which is associated with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, as well as with the specifications of the United States military.

Telair US Cargo Systems / Cargo Handling and Aerial Delivery Systems for aircrafts

Sojitz Aerospace deals in the cargo handling systems for KHI C-2 and CH-47.
By utilizing state-of-the-art cargo handling systems, it is possible to efficiently load/unload and transport high value equipment and personnel. In the case of the C-2, aerial delivery system electronic controllers can be used to automatically expel cargo from the aircraft during flight via parachute extraction or gravity drop.

Missile Launchers

Sojitz Aerospace handles the missile launchers and bomb rack systems that are used to outfit fighter planes with missiles and bombs, which are crucial to their potency as the backbone of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s aerial superiority.
Missile launchers not only allow fighter planes to utilize missiles and other weaponry, they also function as safety devices that prevent unplanned detonation of such armaments.

Aircraft Braking Systems

Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems Corporation is engaged in the development of various carbon and steel aircraft braking systems. These integrated braking systems are comprised of wheels, brakes, and control systems and are employed by several aircraft.